Insulated Waterproofing Systems

The ISOBOND System
ISOBOND insulated waterproofing systems are uniquely designed. They are highly insulating, sound-reducing and 100% waterproof with a backed-up guarantee for 10 years.
ISOBOND systems are applied mainly to metal roofs (IBR or corrugated) as well as low-pitched tiled roofs.

ISOBOND systems can be applied to new or existing metal roofs, timber decks or low-pitched tile roofs.

Ease of use

  • No need to remove the existing roof structure or sheeting
  • Excellent insulating properties (warm in winter/cool in summer)
  • 100% waterproof
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty given on materials used

Mechanical Application

Step 1)  Cut roof sheeting flush with gutter.
Step 2)  Fit polystyrene and hardboard onto existing roof sheeting with self-tapping screws and special nylon washers.
Step 3)  Fit galvanized flashing from ISOBOND board into gutters.
Step 4)  Waterproof parapets/ ISOBOND board and gutters with 4mm dual carrier torch on waterproofing membrane.
Step 5)  Secure the torch on the membrane with rubberized bitumen flashing.
Step 6)  Paint the new ISOBOND system with aluminium UV protection coating.