Painting Houses

By painting your house, you can change the entire look of the house. Give your house a new look by making it beautiful and protect it at the same time.

By trusting Status Waterproofing with the project, you can be assured that we will do a professional job as we ensure that:

  • We use quality materials.
  • Like most house paint, you get what you pay for – and the best ones are generally expensive.
  • Using a high-quality paint is essential as it lasts longer, flows, and covers better than poor-quality paint.
  • Another consideration worth making is to choose a paint that has a lifetime warranty against defects in the finish.
  • We do proper preparations of the wall.
  • Remove any loose flaking paint with a scraper, followed by a rub down with sandpaper.
  • The idea is not to remove the paint off the walls entirely, but to ensure a smooth surface by eliminating any loose paint which may exist.
  • Finish off the preparation process by using a putty knife to seal any cracks or holes which may exist.
  • Let the filler dry, and then sand down these areas again. Brush off all the dust, caulk the joints, and allow the caulk to dry before applying primer.
  • We apply the right number of coats.
  • In most cases a second coat is required to get the right finish and ensure that the new coating lasts.
  • If we are required to paint a light color over a dark color more than 2 coats may be required.
  • We use the right tools.
  • We use high-quality brushes, rollers and an airless sprayer (if required).
  • We keep it neat and tidy.
  • We cover the unpainted areas to prevent splatters of paint and we tidy up once the painting is concluded.
  • We use professional and trained painters.